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Orlandi Company - coupling systems for farm trailers, tractors and agricultural vehicles

Our offer includes the highest quality parts for farm trailers and tractors!

The V. Orlandi Company was founded over 150 years ago. Since it was established, Orlandi was involved in the transportation industry. For more than half a century we specialise in coupling systems for trucks/lorries and farm vehicles that we sell in Europe and around the world.

Nowadays, V. Orlandi combines the expertise of generations with the latest technological solutions. Full range of Orlandi coupling systems includes the production of high quality parts for trailers and parts for tractors. The original hitch John Deere may be an example.

V. Orlandi extensive distribution network throughout Europe provides quick access to spare parts and provides continuous mobility and the reliability of coupling. Full range of sizes and high durability of couplings as well as components for semi-trailers and trailers, such as tractor couplings, are the main asset of Orlandi offer - the leader of innovative coupling solutions in Europe.

We are part of the world of transportation for over 150 years!

Since the company was taken over by a CAM-BS Group in 1989, V. Orlandi has been focused on the development and manufacture of coupling systems for agricultural vehicles market (e.g. parts for tractors) and trucks/lorries market.

With a staff of qualified employees, our company is successful in global markets. Being provided services by our company, customers have a feeling of security. Thus our company can contribute to better control over the operating costs.

Professional supervision at each stage of production.

Having closely followed today's problems of our clients, we can better respond to their needs tomorrow. Innovative solutions offered by the V. Orlandi Company will meet the expectations concerning security and reliability of even the most demanding customers.

Surveillance that our professionals provide at any stage of production contributes to a well-deserved reputation in the world markets that our brand products enjoy. The quality of the production is certified by ISO 9001 certificate that we own.

Advanced technologies and innovative solutions - the philosophy of V. Orlandii.

The multi-stage construction process includes among others a computer assisted design (using CAD systems),  using finite element method (FEM) and testing the prototypes on the test bench and fatigue strength test.

Our CNC machining centres are working around the clock to meet the market demand for our products. The company offer includes products such as parts for tractors, brackets, couplings and components for trailers. Parts that we sell are rigorously tested in the quality control department to guarantee consistent quality. The result of our actions are high-quality products that meet inflated production standards.

We are smart because we are experienced.

With high quality parts for trailers and parts for tractors combined with reliable and innovative solutions, the V. Orlandi Company conquered world markets from Europe to Japan, from Australia to South America.

All this would not be possible if a group of people who are employees of the company did not make every effort on a daily basis. By combining experience with enormous growth potential, V. Orlandii knows how to take care of their customers.

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